Do You Have Smartphone Etiquette?

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Do you have smartphone etiquette?

Do you have smartphone etiquette?

Do you have smartphone etiquette?


How many times have you answered your mobile phone while in the middle of a conversation with someone?

Many of us tend to have a selfish way of thinking when it comes to our smartphone and the self importance it portrays when someone dials our phone number in hope to communicate with us. We all feel the need to constantly check for voicemails, missed calls, Facebook, Twitter, and who knows what else installed on our  smartphones.  I came across this info graphic below to illustrate how people  use their smartphone in four separate areas, the library, on a date, at the cash register, and at church.

Smartphones are not only tied to being answered at the wrong times, but also allow the user to have access to multi-tasking capability.

Please don`t think that I am trying to bash smartphone technology, I am simply trying to get a feel on how this remarkable device has permanently changed social interaction on the planet. Growing up I have seen the world shrink due to the internet and now I`m witnessing the world become even smaller with these hand held computers that have the capability of calling someone half way across the world in two seconds. We need to start teaching our children about proper smartphone manners in order to keep human interaction alive and well for future generations. It is inevitable that they will own a smartphone one day.

So the next time you see a twelve year old on a skate board rolling by you and talking on his smartphone……..ask yourself……….is that normal?


Please see the infographic below and share your thoughts and comments if you agree or disagree.


The Evolution of Smartphone Etiquette

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