The Sales Manager’s 9 Point Self Test

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Effective sales management doesn’t really have a lot to do with “management” but a great deal to do with leadership! As former head of GE and author Jack Welsh said: “When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”

Here’s a list of what a sales manager is and what an effective sales manager does. Place a tick against the things you do regularly and be honest with yourself.

Great sales managers….

  1. Know the most important relationship in a sales team is between a salesperson and a sales manager.
  2. Attract the right talent by recruiting and retaining salespeople who possess drive, empathy, commitment and resiliency – people who thrive on success.
  3. Are students of “process”. They know that solid, repeatable processes form the foundations of becoming a sales champion.
  4. Embrace one on one coaching as their primary practice. They help their people see what they really can be and lead them to an agreed outcome.
  5. Are often in the field with their people observing selling behaviours. They expect and inspect. Afterwards they always strategise and debrief the sales call.
  6. Understand that creating a positive, fun environment together with the right incentives and celebration inspires true commitment and builds a culture of winners.
  7. Never stop learning. They train and practice relentlessly with their salespeople. They continually make learning a priority and a habit, for themselves and their sales team.
  8. Are problem solvers. Always looking for the most effective solution for their team AND their customers.
  9. Are NOT “super closers”. They don’t detract from the performance of individual team members and never compete with the team to prove how good they are!