Making The Case For More Human Leadership (Beyond a Blog Post)

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more human leadershipNearly 10 years ago, I made a personal discovery that changed my life, and my leadership, forever:

By being more human, I could make a difference.

After making this discovery, I put it into practice and over the course of the next 6 years I embarked a journey that eventually led me to what I believe is the Holy Grail great leadership – the success trifecta:

  • A successful company
  • Builds a happy team
  • That results in a fulfilled YOU.

It was fantastic to get to that place of fulfillment. Along the way I learned SO many things about leadership and what more human leadership can do, because I had the honor of actually DOING it.

I had responsibility over 1,100 teammates – or more precisely, 1,100 humans. Humans who had hearts and minds of their own, looking for a place where they could proudly make their living doing their jobs well, be given the support and trust they needed, and be treated with respect and integrity.

They wanted a personal connection with their leader, so they could offer their respect and trust in return. I gave them that, by coming down off the typical leadership pedestal, and spending a lot of time with them at their workplaces.

It was a huge leadership laboratory, and I zig-zagged my way through and around all the inevitable minefields, roadblocks, and other challenges that came my way, by sticking to the core philosophies that are the bedrocks of being more human:

What’s more, as those links above illustrate, I got to write about it all right here on this blog for the last 7 years. As my leadership journey was developing, I decided to share some of my real time experiences with you via my posts, in the hope of getting an “outside-the-fishbowl” perspective.

And you, my readers, delivered. Your great feedback and support inspired me to keep going, to keep experimenting, and keep reaching for greatness. It played a big role in my success and in the achievement of that Holy Grail.

Now, several years later, it’s time for me to ask for your help again. I so believe in this leadership path, that I want to spread to a bigger group of people. I want to make a difference again, in the same more human way, but this time, I want to go beyond a single company, or a 500-word post.

I want to publish a book.

I want leaders to read this book and be inspired to follow my path, take to heart my more human philosophies, and find their own success trifectas. And then, teach others to do the same, just like me.

Because I believe this is THE way to great leadership, and I want a platform that explains it in much greater detail and clarity than a post ever could.

I want to start this book journey with you, this week, with a question:

For you, what are the hallmarks of a good leadership book – one that can leave the kind of inspiring mark I’m shooting for? In other words, what format or structure has worked best for you? Examples would be great too.

Because you helped me once, and I have a hunch that you can help me again. :) I would love your thoughts on this question – feel free to leave them in the comment box.

Thank you and lead well!

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