How to Get Your Prospecting Email Deleted in 3 Seconds or Less

Posted by on Apr 4, 2014 in Fearless Selling | 0 comments


Last week I received an email with a very good subject line so I opened it. Then, I groaned as I read the salutation, “Hi Patrick…”

It was obvious the sales rep was cutting and pasting her emails and that she had forgotten to change the salutation. I replied and said, “Addressing a prospect with the wrong name is quick way to get your email deleted. Regards, Kelley”

A few minutes later I received this reply, “Kelly, thanks for pointing out the typo.”

This time she spelled my name wrong!

Imagine making these mistakes with the CEO of a fortune 500 company!

The senior executives I know and work with would delete her email in less than 3 seconds. A simple blunder like this will cause you to lose credibility and respect which means you will have to work much harder to engage that prospect in a sales conversation.

Connecting with hard-to-reach prospects is tough at the best of times which means it is critical to properly execute every single point of contact. This includes fundamentals such as correctly spelling your prospect’s name and addressing them properly in your emails (and phone calls).

BTW: The third strike against this sales person was the length of her email. 826 words! Effective prospecting emails should be 100 words or less.