Don’t Make this Fatal Sales Presentation Blunder

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in Business, Fearless Selling, Sales | 0 comments

Presentation mistakes

graphic created by Jesse Dee.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show last week, renowned director Michael Bay was supposed to speak about Samsung’s latest product, the Curve 105 inch television.

Unfortunately, his brief appearance on stage was a complete disaster. Watch it here.

It is obvious that Bay was completely unprepared for his presentation and that he was relying strictly on the teleprompter for his lines. I can’t get my head wrapped around that especially since public speaking is not something he does on a regular basis. Add to that the fact that he expects a high level of performance from the actors he directs and it just boggles my mind.

I see sales people make this mistake, too.

They fail to properly prepare for important sales calls, meetings or presentations mistakenly believing that they can wing it.

They don’t anticipate objections or questions, and as a result, are unable to effectively respond to their prospect’s concerns.

They focus on their own agenda instead of their prospects’.

A couple of months ago, I watched several sales people pitch their solution to a client. It was evident which people had taken the time to rehearse and practise. One rep in particular, stumbled throughout his entire presentation and was unable to clearly articulate his responses to questions. Afterwards, an executive on my client’s team said, “Well, that’s 45 minutes of my time I’ll never get back.”

I don’t know how much Samsung paid Bay to be their spokesperson but if I were on the executive team I’d be asking for my money back. Although his blunder has drawn more than 335,000 views on YouTube, the attention is on Bay’s performance, not the product.

Invest the necessary time to practice or run through your sales calls and presentations. Don’t make the same fatal presentation blunder Bay did.