How to Craft an Effective Prospecting Email

Posted by on Jan 20, 2014 in Fearless Selling | 0 comments

Effective prospecting email

I get lots of prospecting emails from people trying to sell or try their product/service. Unfortunately, most of those emails go unread or fail to compel me to take action because they usually suck.

However, this email recently caught my attention.

Hey Kelley,

I’m a young entrepreneur who founded Charlie, an app that automatically preps you on the people you are meeting with. It syncs with your calendar and preps you an hour before every meeting with insights like: their passions and hobbies, their blog posts, company stats, and breaking news about them or their company.

I know you write that you HAVE to prepare, over and over and over in many of your blog posts, and so for the longest time I’ve been waiting for our app to be at the point where I could send it to you to get your feedback. Well, we’re finally there! I’d love to give you the app and get your feedback.

Let me know if you’d like to try it out and I’ll go ahead and send you the beta.


CEO – Charlie

Aaron demonstrated that he had done his homework by referencing something that I regularly write about. The only thing I would have done different is to reverse the order of the first two paragraphs. This would have caught my attention even faster.

Email can be an effective prospecting tool…when it is used properly. Follow Aaron’s lead and keep it brief, show that you have done some research or homework, and tailor it to each prospect.  I guarantee that you will achieve much better results.

BTY: The Charlie App is a personal assistant that automatically researches your prospects for you before you see them.