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How to Quickly Position Yourself as a Trusted Advisor

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How can you quickly position yourself as a trusted advisor when meeting someone new?

Here are 3 strategies you can use to immediately be seen as a credible, potentially invaluable resource:

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Achieving Outrageous Success

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Edgy ConversationsEvery once in a while, someone jolts me out of my comfort zone – and makes me question what I’m doing. Dan Waldschmidt, author of the new book EDGY Conversations, is one person who always seems to do that. He’s spent the past four years studying how ordinary people were achieving success against all odds. I hope you enjoy my interview with him.

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Why Half-Baked Ideas Are Perfect Sales Conversation Starters

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Ideas Start Sales ConversationsIt happened again last week. I was speaking at a sales kickoff meeting, stressing a key message—that sellers, not their products or services, are the key differentiator today. I said,

“Be an idea person. Today’s crazy-busy prospects love it when you bring them ideas on how to improve their business.”

That’s when the hand popped up. It always does. In a group of salespeople, there’s always someone who’s brave enough to ask the question that’s on everyone’s mind.

“How can you bring them ideas when you’ve never met before and have no clue if they’d work?”

Sounds legitimate, right?

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Jolt Your Prospects to Get Their Attention

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As I write this, I’m flying home (via Delta) from a speaking engagement in Orlando. I fly a lot; it’s part of my business.

When the flight attendants give their safety overview, I never pay attention. I could practically do it by heart myself. Same for the video that cover these details. Boring.

So why am I glued to the screen today paying rapt attention?

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Avoid This Killer Sales Strategy at All Costs

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This is the most important blog post I’ve ever written. It’s about what happened exactly one year ago today. Please read it and share it with others. 

Last week a friend told me about a recent fender bender. While driving, he’d been dictating an email on his cell phone. He wanted to get a few extra things done before he got to the office.

We all do things like that. Multitasking is a way of life. It’s our strategy to keep up with our whirlwind of a job. In the car, we’ll make calls, catch up on messages and text people when we’re running late.

That’s exactly what Carla Brennan was doing on the morning of March 4, 2013 – the day her life collided with mine (and others). Literally.

Here’s what happened. My husband, Fred, left our house about 9 AM. Fifteen minutes later he called. His voice was weak, shaken. “I’ve been in an accident. I think people were hurt — badly.” After assuring me he was okay, he told me where he was.

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Two Ideas for Breaking Through Sales Barriers

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sales barrierRecently I was approached by a salesperson who was facing a tough challenge. When he gets his targeted buyers on the line he frequently has to deal with these sales objections:

  • “We recognize your proven credentials but aren’t taking on any new suppliers.”
  • “Great stuff, but we’re already getting this from another vendor.”

He wanted to know how he could break through these sales barriers. Here are the two suggestions I gave him:

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