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How To Become A Great Salesperson

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How To Become A Great Salesperson



Victor Antonio put together a great 13 minute video on how to become a great salesperson. Victor presents  a few of the many baselines that we as salespeople need to master our ability to provide a great service.

Victor starts out explaining that customers are smarter now days than in the past. The customer has access to a multitude of informational sources that tend to better educate themselves in regards to new or better products. Victor goes on to state that we have “the ability to present information beyond the obvious” to really stand out with our customers and prospects.

The second key aspect that Victor talks about is the need to focus on the right targets. Focusing on the right targets prevents us from wasting time trying to sell to the wrong people.

The last couple important aspects he tries to communicate with us is the importance of having a sales process and being responsible for ourselves.


If you would like to visit his website click here and you will be taken to www.victorantonio.com


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