I Blew It!

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in Fearless Selling, Sales | 0 comments


Last week I received an email from someone who was interested in having me speak at an upcoming sales conference. I reached out via email to set up a day and time to discuss exactly what he was looking for and to see if I was the right person for his event. Twenty-four hours later he had not responded so I picked up the phone and called him.

“Is this a good time to talk?” I asked.

“Um, I’m heading into a meeting. Can I call you this afternoon?”

I told him that I wasn’t available later in the day and suggested that we connect the following day.

He replied with, “Actually, my meeting looks like it might delayed a bit so let’s do it now.”

My instincts screamed out “You don’t have enough time or his complete attention so reschedule!!” Unfortunately, I ignored my instinct and quickly asked a few discovery questions and gained some insight into what he needed and was looking for. However, I did a much less thorough job than I normally do because I knew that he was focused on getting to his meeting and I allowed that to rush me.

If you have been a subscriber to this newsletter for any length of time or read either of my books, you know that I am a strong proponent of doing a thorough due diligence BEFORE suggesting a solution or preparing a proposal.

I shook my head when I hung up the phone because I knew I didn’t have enough information to position my presentation in a way that would differentiate me from the other speakers he was considering. Needless to say, I was not surprised when I didn’t get the gig.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Make the time to do a thorough discovery call so you can position your solution more effectively.