7 Keys to Integrating E-prospecting with Tele-prospecting

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Interested in improving your telephone prospecting results? Reaching more decision makers? Setting more appointments? Selling more?

The trick is to integrate e-mail into your calling efforts. A well-crafted e-mail combined with a solid telephone follow up strategy can double and even triple results.

Here are 7 keys to making the most of your e-mail and telephone prospecting efforts:

Key #1: A Hell’uva Subject Line

The first key is to create a subject line that catches the eye of your prospect; something that is different and unique; something that makes him or her curious enough to open the e-mail rather than delete it. And that’s the challenge. Most people have never been taught how to craft a subject line that screams “open me.”

Key #2: An Intriguing Message

An intriguing prospecting message is a one-to-one message, not an e-mail blast. This is a targeted approach, not a shot gun approach.

It is also one that poses a problem that the prospect might be experiencing; something that picks at a ‘scab’, so to speak, and agitates the reader. It then goes on to offer a possible solution (your product / service) but without the details. In other word, it teases rather than sells. It makes your prospect want to learn more.

Key #3: Timely Follow Up

Prospecting e-mails have a short shelf life. You must make your follow up call within 24 hours of sending your e-mail; not a week or three days or even two days later.

Key #4: A Gatekeeper Strategy

You can use the e-mail proactively or reactively to get past the gatekeepers. Your e-mail gives you a legitimate reason for calling and this increases the odds of reaching more decision makers.

Key #5: A Superb Opening Statement

A superb opening statement is the key to a good prospecting call. A good opening statement cleverly leverages the message in your e-mail. In effect, it creates a one-two punch by combining the power of an audio message with the power of a visual message.

Key #6: A Compelling Voice Mail

You can leverage your e-mail with your voice mail, much like you can with your opener. Again, the key is to leave a voice mail message that echoes the message in your e-mail. This increases awareness and interest and it increases the odds of a return call.

Key #7: Persistently Polite Follow Up

Finally, the seventh key is to politely but persistently follow up. A combination of a voice mail and e-mail can help stimulate a response. Send an e-mail and then make a follow up call the next day like you did with the original e-mail. Leave a voice mail message if you don’t reach your prospect. Direct the prospect to the e-mail. If you don’t get a reply, wait three business days and then repeat the process.

Putting these seven keys together is not particularly difficult but it does require some planning and implementation. Learn EXACTLY how to put these ideas into practice here.

Today’s post was provided by Jim Domanski of TeleConcepts Consulting.